Lotus, the Place For PHO Lovers

That is actually what they are called. Really did not expect that coming from a pho restaurant, but they're doing something right for us to be wanting to try this place out. Located on 4131 No. 5 Road, Richmond, this restaurant was apparently called Pho Boi before. I guess that didn't attract enough customers so the rebranding to LOTUS helped. Seeing as we are mostly in Vancouver, driving all the way to Richmond for a bowl of pho seemed so idiotic of us, but we really did not want to go to bubble world again. (If I had a post for every time I went to bubble world, I would just copy and paste my post over and over again)

Got served tea as soon as we got down, service was alright - thank the lord all the waitresses were young and could speak fluent English. In a matter of minutes after ordering and chit chatting, food came!

I got B4, that is all I remember. 
"Chicken marinated in a lemongrass sauce grilled on an open fire" 
Not sure what part of that is actually true but this chicken was good.
My love for lemongrass chicken... mmmmmmm
Soft, tender, moist, chicken accompanied with noodles, lettuce, carrots, nuts, bean sprouts, and tomatoes.
Presented so beautifully that I have to have multiple shots of it in this post.
Coming out of that restaurant completely satisfied for less than $10 really makes me happy. The simply presented dish with fresh ingredients makes me want to go back for seconds if only the location was closer to me. As well, I would say this place definitely has a cleaner, slightly more sophisticated atmosphere to it compared to the flashy neon lit, dark, shady, badly presented food that most pho places are.
(I keep thinking that if anything is in brackets, I'm allowed to yell like a 5 yr old)
(ok back to the food)

Lychee Ice
Look at those plump canned lychees floating in that luxurious candied bath of  purity.
#sorrywhat #donteventrytoactseriousaftersayingthat

Overall, I really enjoy how a change of atmosphere can affect the food so greatly. I enjoyed my meal a lot more seeing how clean the tables,chairs, and utensils are. Every little detail does make a difference and hopefully LOTUS will continue to attract PHO lovers!
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