FANCY FANCY FRENCH @ Les Faux Bourgeois

 Hello hello to my new food reviewing platform! I will still be using my tumblr but mainly for just the photos so all my followers can reblog all the delicious beauty of all the food I capture! 
Bread and Butter
With our 7:30pm reservation, we got there right on time and had to wait just a couple minutes for them to set our table. Sat down and got comfortable and we talked like usual while stuffing our face with bread. Bread was - typical, did not expect much.
and on.. 
and on..
 *looks at phone* 
oh... an hour went by. 
oh.... wheres our food?
 Not sure. 
Not sure at all.

And then the magic came - all at once. 

Escargots De Bourgogne
Our beautiful LITTLE SNAILS came beautifully presented on top of giant flat crouton-like bread slices. I shared this with someone and we both really enjoyed the rich buttery texture of these meaty chunks of SNAILS. These SNAILS were amazing, you know that feeling when that oily taste goes down your throat and on your lips and just EVERYWHERE - this DEFINITELY did not have any of those sensations associated with it. Surprisingly the buttery taste did not make me want to gulp down water after - I applaud this dish. SNAIL. 

Le Steak Frites
You all know what this is. Steak served with fries. Steak made very well but I can't say too much since this wasn't my dish and I only took a small bite of the steak. From my tiny taste of it, I liked how the red wine shallot just sunk into the meat and not just on top. The soaking of the rich scents made the meat excellent!

Coq Au Vin
 Free range chicken stewed in red wine with smoked bacon, crimini mushrooms, pearl onions and roasted potatoes. This was awesome. I love mushrooms and this made me love mushrooms on a whole new level. The sauce it was made in was divine. Nothing too salty or overwhelming - all ingredients balanced perfectly in a harmonious lullaby. (WHAT AM I SAYING O_____o this makes sense right?) Chicken was NOT dry like a lot of places, the meat just melted off the bone and into that beautiful sauce. That sauce. Yes.
Canard Confit
Confit duck on a warm salad of saladaise potatoes, arugula, goat cheese and post jus. I did not try this, I do not know why but I just completely missed it. I'm pretty sure it was good just like the chicken!

Noix De St-Jacques
 Yes, this is my dish - finally. I had to get the dish that was named ST-JACQUESSESEIRSIOJSDKFS because that's just what I do. Seared scallops with bacon, squash, brussel sprouts, potatoes and creme fraiche. To put into proportion, these scallops were like the size of half my palm. These were HUGE and made SO WELL. Seriously, SO WELL. Each bite I could feel the entire scallop population in my mouth, deliciously meaty and the sauce - that sauce. Loved the squash the most out of all the stuff besides the scallops. Buttery flavours, saucy sauce, fresh veggies and everything combined into one beautiful seafood dish of scallop craziness. LOVE. IT. MUST. TRY. NOW. (I. MUST. EAT. AGAIN.)

Overall, the wait was worth it, definitely definitely definitely worth it. The intimate candle lit surroundings made the food feel even more *nudge nudge wink wink* That is all I have to say.

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